Monday, July 5, 2010

Since I am an artiste my line of thought will be along art, art and art! So, as an artiste, i do feel that it is a privilege to be born an artiste. There are people whom I know of, who want to just plunge into the ocean of music, dance, drama and the other allied art forms just to gain the sheer pleasure of being in it. But with no GIFT what so ever! So, we, whom the God has bestowed art upon, should be happy- a hundred fold, isn't it? Well, and how does one realize it? only by Sadhana Sadhana....Yes, but one question does arise - 'Sadhana Sadhana' today's competitive world...if a person needs to do only Sadhana, where does one generate money from? An artiste (who is not a businessman!!!) is always struggling to make ends meet. He needs the time to perfect himself (well, there is nothing called a perfect artiste actually - it is a journey to perfection..till the last breath!!), what happens to his finances?, an artiste should either have loads of Lakshmi so that he doesn't have to worry about the next meal and go on doing Sadhana...or at least the efficiency to create Lakshmi with the help of the Saraswathi he has been bestowed upon!! easily said than done!! Why can't both reside together?? Food for thought!!!

rtisadhya bhavet sadhya bhavasa sadhanabhidha
nityasiddhasya bhavasya prakatyam hrdi sadhyata


  1. well, dont really know if this makes sense at all!!...

  2. hm...on second thoughts, i do feel, sadhana will pave way for everything else.....but one needs to be shrewd be diplomatic enough...hmmm again a question...why not be straight forward?